T$ Meeting checklist – get the most out of your sales meeting

I’ve had a lot of questions about meeting excellence lately so I decided to write a blog post about it.

As a Sales Engineer, I realized a while back that I was having a lot of ineffective / useless sales meetings pitching exciting solutions to new prospects and coming out of meetings with no next steps or plan of action. The worst part was that, as a sales team, we were not getting better or learning from our mistakes.

So I came up with this check-list based on the Challenger Sale and the Checklist manifesto. This has changed the way meetings go for me and my prospects but also help my team get better over time.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 3.56.36 PM


This is not an excuse for doing the minimum required amount of work in preparation for a meeting. You still need to prepare and do your homework. It is just a checklist to ensure all the basics are covered.

Ideally, each column is a face-to-face meeting but I know this is not always possible. So sometimes, an email with this information is better than nothing.

Some of the steps are pretty self-explanatory but here are a few details around those that aren’t:


  • Who are we meeting? Name, Role in the organization and role in the meeting
  • Who is presenting what? Coordinate the meeting with your different team members to avoid stealing each other’s thunders or presenting twice the same thing.
  • What is the expected outcome? You would be surprised how many meeting don’t have a point to them… why bother meet if there is no expected outcome?
  • SD (Sales Director) to prepare and present Call Plan – what is the plan for the meeting? How should the meeting go?


  • Team Introductions – all the team members are in the meeting for a reason. It is worth outlining who everyone is and why they are there.
  • Plan one Seed – see the Challenger Sale. This is basically one novel idea that you can leave your prospect with to change the the conversation.
  • Manage the meeting – You lose 5 minutes at both ends of a meeting for setting up and removing equipment. 5 Minutes on introductions and 10 minutes on Q&A and 5 minutes on next steps. So that leaves you 30 minutes to get your point across in what you thought would be a one hour meeting.


  • Don’t forget to follow up and learn from your mistakes

A few work projects from 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so thought I would share some of the more recent stuff I sold and delivered as a Technical Project Manager. Obviously it took a great company and a team of hardworking and talented people to deliver all of this.

Tour de France 2014 – Social hub

The Tour De France is one of the world’s MOST ICONIC Sporting events. A bicycle race primarily held in France run by Amaury Sport Organization (A.S.O.). This year they wanted to make a real dive into capturing the Social Conversation on Twitter around the event and chose us.

CNN World Cup Pulse 2014

Social Snap: Built on top of Facebook’s new API (a Topic API that FB created specifically for the world cup, we call it the World Cup FB API) allow users of the site to navigate through time and discover:
Total social mentions by day around the world cup with an hourly breakdown as well
Top players of the day
Top teams of the day
The top conversation topics (Sourced from our public feed API)

ITF – Davis Cup 2014 – Social hub

FIVB – In-venue tweets display and hashtag battles

Watch this


ITV GOALFACE 2014 – Social hub

The next World cup is very much about the fans for our friends at ITV. Organized around live matches, users will be asked to share their #Goalface pictures and videos on Vine, Instagram, Twitter.

This content is displayed digitally in a microsite, as well as used by on-air presenters to showcase the best/funniest/worst of during the tournament. Additionally they plan to do daily hashtag polling and leverage ITV Talent. It is all part of an overarching vision to drive fan participation and unification around the World Cup.

This will also be the first time ITV has sold sponsorship on a social experience – a major coup for us in terms of future business – a sponsored on-air and online experience around a major sporting event hosted by a major broadcaster.


Frances Televisions – Telethon 2014

France TV Social is working with the Telethon charity for the third year now. A telethon (a portmanteau of “television” and “marathon”) is a televised fundraising event that lasts many hours or even days, the purpose of which is to raise money for a charitable, political or other purportedly worthy cause.

They are pushing social at the center of the program this year.

7 original actions around the Telethon event will be selected and images from those actions will be published through @telethon_image and #telethon2014. That content will fuel the in-venue mosaic on stage during the live show that presenters will talk about.

Watch here:


Sport 1 – #SocialTrend #Bundesliga

The Fußball-Bundesliga, commonly known as the Bundesliga, is a professional association football league in Germany and the football league with the highest average stadium attendance worldwide.

Why it’s cool:

SPORT1 is a privately owned commercial German television channel. They will have a Sunday morning talk show about Soccer and they will be talking about the social hub during the show as well as displaying it on a screen to talk about the biggest trends on social around the Bundesliga!

I’m so Bored!


A few months back, I went on holiday to Sardigna and got completely cut of from internet for about 10 days… somehow I came back from that trip with an idea and most of the content for a Book. Never really wanted to write a book and don’t consider myself an author but somehow… It just happened.

Took me a few months to clean up the layout and take pictures to illustrate the different sections but I finally finished it this week 🙂 I’ve priced it as low as I could so that it is accessible to as many people as possible. Hope you enjoy it!!

Available here

Amazon UK:
Amazon US:

Facebook page:

Book Description

Believe it or not, being bored is important!

It is the moment that precedes your next invention, your next big idea, your next project, your next life decision… 

When you are bored, you start thinking creatively, being critical of what you know and exploring what you do not. This often gives you perspective and a desire for something more… 

This book is a collection of thoughts and advice that I have put together after working in Technology for over 10 years.

– Thierry Sequeira

OSX tricks that I use a lot

A lot of people have asked me about this recently so I figured I would just make a small post on this for everyone 🙂

Merging folder

Copying files from one folder to another without deleting anything that is already in the folder.

1. Open terminal

2. type: ditto folder_from folder_to

Where folder_from is the folder you are copying from and folder_to is the folder you are copying your files into.

One of the best things about ditto is that if files have the same name but different content, ditto handles the issue by creating a duplicate with a copy number in brackets.


Ever get frustrated with the volume level on your mac book? Download Boom. It’s an awesome app for increasing the volume on your mac book – one time cost of $6.99. I hardly ever plug-in speakers since I purchased this.

Right Zoom (

When I fist started using Mac, the biggest frustration I experienced  was the way windows were being resized. Right Zoom is a free add-on that fixes this issue.

Show / hide hidden files

It’s all in the name… !!

Paste without formatting

cmd + shift + f

Quick Bookmark search

Use this chrome extention:

More to come!

K4W Wants You – the new kinetic for Windows!

Just received this email from Microsoft – I can’t wait to get my hands on the new Kinect and SDK!

Thanks Microsoft 🙂

Dear Thierry:

Congratulations! I am delighted to notify you that the Kinect for Windows team is offering you (“ID Experiential”) a place in our upcoming developer kit program 🙂 As you know, this program will grant a select number of developers exclusive access to pre-release hardware and software.

We received thousands of applications to the program. Due to the high volume of interest, we won’t have enough alpha hardware to admit everyone who applied to the program. Over the next few months, we will continue to notify successful program applicants.

We’re convinced that your combination of passion for Kinect, technical expertise, and the creativity of your idea will make you an awesome contributor to the evolution of NUI.

I’m looking forward to working with you and seeing what you create with the new-generation Kinect.

Developer Community Manager
Kinect for Windows